Malimbus 10 (2) December/décembre 1988

Abstracts prepared for Recent Ornithological Literature (ROL)

Morel, G. J., & M.-V. Morel. 1988. [List of the birds of Guinea.] Malimbus10: 143-176. (ORSTOM, Mus. Nat.d'Hist. Natur., 55 rue Buffon, 75005 Paris, France.)—Compliation of all traced records published before 1987, and specimens, of 498 species, summarized by region, with detailed account of authors' own observat.ions.—(French, Eng. summ.)

Carroll, R. W. 1988. Birds of the Central African Republic. Malimbus 10: 177-200. (Yale Univ. Sch. Forest. & Envir. Stud., 205 Prospect St., New Haven, CT USA.)—Occurrence of 668 species in 6 localities plus status in Manovo-Gounda-Saint Floris National Park.

Balchi n, C. S. 1988. Recent observations of birds from the Ivory Coast. Malimbus 10: 201-206. (19 Hampton Ct. Close, Towcester, Northants., NN12 7JJ, UK.)—1988 data on 59 species including first description of nest of Prinia caniceps.

Eccles, S. D. 1988. The birds of Sao Tomé - record of a visit, April 1987 with notes on the rediscovery of Bocage's Longbill. Malimbus 10: 207-217. (8904 Narem Place, Annandale, VA 22003 USA.)—45 species including Amaurocichla bocagii.

Mahé, E. 1988. [Contribution to the list of birds of the Bénoué Nord National Park, Cameroon.] Malimbus 10: 218-221. (Labo. de Zoogéo., Univ. Montpellier 3, BP 5043 - 34032 Montpellier Cedex, France.)—(French, Eng. summ.)

Delgado, G., M. Nogales, & C. Naeslund. 1988. Turdus torquata on El Hierro (Canary Islands). Malimbus 10: 221. (Mus. Insul. de Cienc. Nat., Corr. 853, 38080 Sta. Cruz Tenerife, Spain.)

Hazevoet, C. J. 1988. Vanellus vanellus, new to the Cape Verde Islands. Malimbus 10: 221-222. (Kerkstraat 380, 1017 JB Amsterdam, Netherlands.)

Fry, C. H. 1988. Brown Nightjar. Malimbus 10: 222. (Dept: Biol., Sultan Qaboos Univ., PO Box 32486, Al Khoudh, Muscat, Sultantate of Oman.)—Apparent breeding of Caprimulgus binotatus on Raphia frond would be the first record of any nightjar nesting on other than a firm substance.

Stuart, S. N., & N. J. Collar. 1988. Bronze-naped Pigeons. Malimbus 10: 222-223. ( IUCN, Ave. du Mont-Blanc, CH-1l96 Gland, Switzerland.)—Confusion from use of same English name for Columba iriditorques and C. malherbi.

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