Bulletin of the Nigerian Ornithologists' Society
Development of a consolidated species index
Methods used for consolidation

Accipiter badius V1(1):5,15 V1(2):6 V1(3):11,15 V1(4):4,6 V2:61,72 V3:64 V4(1):3,32 V5:2,17,33

Accipiter badius V6:50,53,66,116 V7:2,29,47,79 V8:14 V9:36,66

Accipiter badius V11:79 V12:21,42,59,83 V13:20,58,67,80,100,146

Accipiter castanilius V1(1):15

Accipiter castanilius V7:47,75

Accipiter erythropus V13:49,100,108 V14:82

Accipiter melanoleucus V1(1):15

Accipiter melanoleucus V7:47

Accipiter melanoleucus V12:83 V13:135 V14:82

Accipiter minullus V1(1):15

Accipiter ovampensis V1(1):15 V3:64

Accipiter ovampensis V7:47

Accipiter ovampensis V13:67,100 V14:82

Accipiter sp. V2:61

Accipiter tachiro V1(1):5,15 V3:45 V4(1):21 V5:84

Accipiter tachiro V7:29,47 V8:3,14

Accipiter toussenelii V12:59,83 V13:107 V14:36

Acrocephalus arundinaceus V1(1):11,12,22 V1(4):14 V2:4,59 V3:19,56,58,60,100 V4(1):14 V5:7,29,54

Acrocephalus arundinaceus V6:27,30-31,100 V7:3,4,95 V8:56 V9:2,14,89 V10:71

Acrocephalus arundinaceus V11:51 V12:39 V13:47,75,126




Zosterops virens V1(1):24 V5:41,77,80,81,86


The three indexes, developed separately for V1-5, V6-10 and V11-14, were pasted into a spreadsheet and sorted so that all references for the same species were in successive rows in the order of the indexes, as on the left.  There remained one technical problem, to group the references for each species into a single row.  This was accomplished by Peter Browne using QuattroPro macros, giving the consolidated index.

However, examination of this index will show that the references do not always quite correspond to what is illustrated on the left.  Neither "Accipiter toussenelii" nor "Zosterops virens" appear in the consolidated index.  This is because they are former names for "Accipiter tachiro" and "Zosterops senegalensis" respectively.  There were hundreds of occurences of old names in the three indexes and bringing the nomenclature up to modern usage was a major task throughout.  Please notify the webmaster if you notice any remaining errors in nomenclature.

We were able to get an idea of the accuracy of the index.  Bob Dowsett indexed again parts of volumes 1 and 2.  Comparing this with the printed index, and rechecking discrepancies, showed that his method was about 99% accurate and the printed index about 95% accurate.  Since errors found in the printed indexes were rectified, and Bob's method was used for volumes 6-10, we are confident that the consolidated index is more than 95% accurate. 

To distinguish the Bull N.O.S. indexes from the Malimbus indexes on this website, we precede the volume number of the Bull. by B instead of V.