Malimbus 6 (1-2) October/octobre 1984

Abstracts prepared for Recent Ornithological Literature (ROL)

Wilkinson, R. 1984. Variation in eye colour of Blue-eared Glossy Starlings. Malimbus 6: 2-4. (North of England Zool. Soc., Upton-by-Chester, CH2 1LH, UK.)—The predominant eye colour (white, yellow, orange or red) of Lamprotornis chalybaeus varies with the race.

Tye, A.. 1984. Long-tailed Nightjar drinking in flight. Malimbus 6: 4. (Dept. Zool., Fourah Bay Coll., Univ. Sierra Leone, Freetown, S. L.)—Caprimulgus climacurus used a clumsy technique.

Stuart, S.N. 1984. ICBP Cameroon Montane Forest Survey. Malimbus 6: 5-7. (Int. Council Bird Preserv., 219c Huntington Rd., Cambridge CB3 0DL, UK.)—A summary of observations by seven ornithologists for five months, including the status of rare and endangered species.

Fry, C.H. 1984. Eye size in Oena and Turtur. Malimbus 6: 8-10. (Univ. Aberdeen, Zool. Dept., Tillydrone Av., Aberdeen AB9 2TN, UK.)—Eye volume, as a percentage of cranium volume in four species, increases as habitat becomes darker.

Jones, P.J. 1984. The status of the Pygmy Kingfisher Ceyx picta in northeastern Nigeria. Malimbus 6: 11-14. (Dept. Forestry & Nat. Resources, Univ. Edinb., Kings Bldgs., Edinburgh EH9 3JU, UK.)—Data on migration, moult and breeding status in the area where it is a rains migrant.

Cheke, R.A., & J.F. Walsh. 1984. Further bird records from the Republic of Togo. Malimbus 6: 15-22. (c/o Trop. Devel. & Res.Inst., College House, Wrights Lane, London W8 5SJ, UK.)—Records of 94 species.

Dyer, M.. 1984. Aspects of the breeding biology of Carmine and Little Bee-eaters at Zaria, Nigeria. Malimbus: 6: 23-30. (606 Martin Rd., RR No. 3, Dundas, ON, Can.. L9H. 5E3.)—Clutch size, hatching asynchrony, brood reduction, nestling growth, nestling and fledgling behaviour in Merops nubicus and M. pusillus as well as incubation period in M. pusillus and nestling diet of M. nubicus.

Gee, J. P. 1984. The birds of Mauritania. Malimbus 6: 31-66. (440 Park Av., Rye, NY 10580, USA.)—Summary of the status, including monthly occurrence, of 325 species, from data of two observers concentrated in the southwest of the country, 1971-4. There is no reference to the majority of literature on Mauritanian birds, so the title is misleading.

Farmer, R.1984. Ear-tufts in a Glaucidium owl. Malimbus 6: 67-69. (St Dominic's Parish, Box 44, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.)—In G. perlatum.

Green, A.A. 1984. Additional bird- records from Bamingui-Bangoran National Park., Central African Republic. Malimbus 6: 70-72. (Route 1, Box 778, Hiawassee., GA 30546, USA.)—Records of 20 new species and new information on 32 species.

Jacob, J .-O. & R. de Schaetzen. 1984. [The discovery of the Golden Sparrow Passer luteus in the extreme south of Algeria, related to its occurrence in Niger.] Malimbus 6: 73-74. (76 rue de Petit-Leez, B-5938 Grand-Leez, Belgium.)—A small breeding colony is the first known occurrence in Algeria, but that is not surprising in view of its previously noted presence nearby in northern Niger. (French.)

Browne, P.W.P.1984. Seven new species for Conakry, Guinea. Malimbus 6: 74. (115 Crichton St., Ottawa, ON, K1M lV8, Can.)

Maclean, G. L. 1984. Evolutionary trends in the sandgrouse (Pteroclidae). Malimbus 6: 75-78. (Dept. Zool., Univ. Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa 3200.)—Have led to 6 or 7 species groups of subgeneric status.

Dupuy, A.R. 1984. [Status of sea birds observed in Senegal.] Malimbus 6: 79-84. (Directeur des Parcs Nationaux du Sénégal, BP 5135, Dakar Fann, Sénégal.)—Summary of breeding and migration data for 51 species. (French.)

Blasdale, P. 1984. Some observations on Black-crowned and White-backed Night Herons. Malimbus 6: 85-89. (53 Argyll Place, Aberdeen AB2 4HU, Scotland, UK.)—Nycticorax nycticorax is more active by day than Gorsachius leuconotus.

Sharland, R. E. 1984. Ringing in Nigeria. in 1983. 26th Annual Report. Malimbus 6: 90-91.(c/o Aberdeen Univ. Dept.Zool., Tillydrone Avenue, Aberdeen AB9 2TN, Scotland, UK.)

Blasdale, P. 1984. Nestling-feeding behaviour of Lesser Wood Hoopoes. Malimbus 6: 91-92. (53 Argyll Place, Aberdeen AB2 4HY, Scotland, UK.)—Of one pair of Phoeniculus aterrimus.

Moore, A. 1984. Levaillant's Cuckoo Clamator levaillanti fed by Brown Babblers Turdoides plebejus. Malimbus 6: 94-95. (1Uppingham Rd., Oakham, Rutland LE15 6JB, UK.)

Gartshore, M.E. 1984. Notes on the nesting of two little known species of Bee-eaters in Cameroun. Malimbus 6: 95-96. (RR #3, Dundas, ON L9H 5E3, Can.)—Mainly Merops variegatus, also M. gularis.

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